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Eclectic Mix 
I like to try different subjects occasionally that don't fit into a particular category.

lady enjoying shirley valentine moment

hurry up steve there's a milkman coming !

wet and wild in Manchester

the art of seduction

beauty and the beach

Bye Love, see you later

look mummy I'm bigger than you

may i have this dance forever darling

teenagers meet up in piccadilly gardens manchester

no elephants allowed

love heart

Great to be alive

coloured water feature in piccadilly gardens manchester

Manchester tram approaching Piccadilly on a grey december day

today's newspaper headlines are tomorrow's toilet paper

boys on the beach

yeah but we know something you don't know

elderly lady paddling

wish you were here

Manchester Christmas Market

after school down the alley 1965

Girl reflecting on train

Steamy Passion

Scrap! Scrap! Scrap!

young boy pouring tea

the wonder of a child gazing in a christmas shop window

Scooter Boys

kids playing out

lifelong pals

2018 early evening autumn walk through a city park (1 of 1).jpg

Little girl sheltering cat

a man needs a nap after all that sandcastle building

Flying Scotsman

Steamy station farewell

Life was simpler then

Can you give me a leg up, please?

Love in the snow

Grandad's Little Hero

ashton grammar boy cycling to school down ginnel in 1960s

children cooling off in 1960s summer

watch meTed, I'mgonna be a famous ballerina when I grow up


Punch and Judy show on beach 1959

Can you see the marble?

Hope beyond the pain

reluctant sweethearts in the park

Stockport in the 1960s

feeding the birds on the isle of man 1959

the hazards of cycling on a blustery day.

Lonely nights

Looking up at Stockport town Hall

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


where’s that taxi ?

Farewell at the train station

couple in love

Lady in green

Splashing fun at bathtime

Can we go home now please, I'm bored now.

Do you remember when we could run through these woods?

Hand in hand on the beach

Sometimes you have to go down to the beach and let the wind blow through your hair

Beach Lovers

Lovers on the beach in the rain

Rock Chick

smaller version of previously painted steam train

Field of Dreams

Corsican Holiday

Stevie's Quilt

Lady Waiting...

Annan, Scotland 1905

2014 Sea swirling around rocks

Fire in the eye

caught in the rain

Steam Train 1

steam train 3

Steam Train 2

Zanzibar Sunset

canal boat

Glossop 1940s

Lady reading by river

Greek island

Agony or ecstasy

Reaching for the moon

greek cobbler

A Life on the streets

Lady in red chiffon reclining.

the canal at lancaster

A good holiday read

Sunset in Pefkos

The Kiss

stevies sunflowers

Lancaster Canal

Glossop Horse Parade 1901

A postman's life

greek village 1920s
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