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Very Early Works 
In this room I'm putting photos from the first couple of years of painting around 1994-97. Most of these photos are very poor quality as I used only an instamatic camera and knew nothing about photography. still don't - though at least I have a better camera! the quality of paintings are poor too but I show as a pointer to (hopefully) the future improvement. 

Eric Cantona

Eric the Red

street urchins

buxton pavilion 1880

melbourne st stalybridge early 20thc

my son Lee and his dog charlie

Lowestoft early 20thc in the snow

Oldham 1940s

the early morning knocker upper

Mossley whit walk on manchester rd 1940s

Mossley station early 20thc

Dinting arches nr glossop early 20thc

High st Glossop early 20thc

Glossop nr Manor park early 20thc

Bottom Mossley 1911

Bottom Mossley early 20thc
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